Friday, August 24, 2007

Saturday, 8/19/07: Texas Barbeque in Maine!

I couldn't resist. I've driven by this place several times but it was usually late at night, coming home from an airport. Today, I was on my own schedule, so I stopped in for lunch. This restaurant is run by Mike and Terri. Mike is an El Paso native. He uses real mesquite wood and everything is really yummy. His meats are incredibly tender and moist. The barbecue sauces aren't as good as Spring Creek Barbecue but they were still good.

They do catering, but imagine this: they're already booked for Texas Independence Day 2008! Who else is having a party that day?? I want to meet them! But we can still stop by and pick up a big load of barbecue for takeout.

They're closed tomorrow so that they can take their sons back to college. I love it! Family first.


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