Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Monday, 8/20/07: Autumn's coming

MRM was the first to say it. Last week, she looked out over the treetops when we were on French's Mountain and said, "It's starting to look and feel like the beginning of fall." Then I heard the newscasters say it on the television. Can it really be? Noooooo. It's August! But today in downtown Farmington, the bank sign said, "12:31" and then it said, "65". This was 12:31 in the middle of the day sunshine. 65 degrees! How wild is that?! When I got back to the Education Center, I mentioned to Kristin my dismay at the temperature (dismay in a good way . . . I'm delighted to not be sweating but rather to need a sweater in August). She replied, "There's a frost warning for parts of Franklin county tonight and some counties in Maine just north of here are having a freeze warning." It's August!! how can it be so cold already??? I guess I'll find out soon enough, eh?

When I drove to the airport tonight, I had to take a fleece jacket. I can't wait to get off the plane in Texas tomorrow afternoon with a fleece jacket.

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