Friday, May 18, 2007

Continue to Pray for Sarah

One of Sarah's classmates reported to me that he had gone to visit Sarah. He said that she is "completely off sedatives and is making a slow recovery. Doctors say everything is healing as it is supposed to. Doctors are, however, unsure of how long the recovery will be. They say between a month and a year, possibly longer. She may have brain injury but the extent of the brain injury is not yet known. She can see and hear, likes touching things, and can identify her mother. She ate for the first time since the accident (she has feeding tubes). She ate a little bit of chocolate pudding and licked most of the remainder off her lips by herself. She held my hand when I placed my hand on hers and though she did not focus on me or anyone thing I think she knew how I was based on the way she held my hand. It was almost as if to tell me she's alright. She is going through therapy right now (she is sitting up, moving appendages, that sort of thing). As I left she also gave what appeared to be a thumbs up but I could just be imagining it."

This is good news but there is obviously still a long way to go. Please keep praying!

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