Friday, April 13, 2007

March 25, 2007: A Walk Around Lake Minnehonk

At the second Sugar House, RBF ran into an old school chum, Christine. She and RBF literally went to a one-room school house . . . not that they're that old but that the rural area they come from is that small. We met Christine's husband, Wayne and before I knew it, we accepted their invitation to walk around the lake to the other side and see their home which is built inside a rescued old garage/gas station. It was a gorgeous walk through the woods, and the house was unique and wonderful.

Along the way, we saw the lines and buckets that their friends who own the Sugar House use to collect sap. It's not one bucket for every tree anymore. They run tubes from tree to tree to tree that then empty into a larger communal bucket.

This ATV came by twice. Look! It has a snow plow on the front (well, a front end loader maybe, but it was going to be used as a snow plow).

Check out the view of the lake from their deck:

They invited us back to do smelt fishing or kayaking or swimming. Wowser. I think I'll have to take them up on one of their offers. They were gracious hosts and a lot of fun. :-)

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